A Warning.

I would like to invite all sorts of people, believers and non-believers to give this blog a shot. Know in advance that I'm not here to judge your religious or non religious choice, and as far as my prejudices let me, I am not here to judge what you do or what you generally believe either.

One day at one of the churches I have gone, it was said that God shakes us all the time and that we often run away when this happens. That we should have a disposition to hear what we don't like to hear because there is often a message from God there. That us Christians prefer to share our lives with Christians because they believe what we believe so we are not challenged. We keep ourselves in our comfort zone happily agreeing with mostly everything that is said within Christian circles and it doesn't take us much to judge and condemned what's done and said out of them, and often within too!. If you like the comfort zone of what you believe about Christianity, I should warn you: I do like challenge, I seek it and that's where my experience of God comes from. So it is unfortunate that I might offend many of you many times with this blog maybe in the same way that Jesus offended the gentiles and many other God believers of His time.

There might however be content in this blog that may be of help to those who want to stay with God but can't make sense of what is taught at their churches. Let me give you a sample of what some posts (definitely not all) might look like:

The story:

Eventually in all the things I have tried to do, I reached a point where I concluded that the solutions I propose may cure symptoms but don't prevent the issues from appearing. In my journey with The New Economics for Humanity (NEH), I stopped at a moment where I figured the world is going through a massive Spiritual shake.

My journey with the NEH has taken me to reconnect with my spiritual path. I was brought up as a Catholic, left the Church many years ago, kept some acquaintanceship with God, and explored other paths that led me back to Christianity, not because I think it is the only path, but because it is the language I understand. Moving to another tradition would imply a learning process from scratch, not that such is not the case with Christianity, but it was easier for me to see something and say "oooohh so that's what Jesus meant when he said this". I couldn't have done that with any other tradition because I don't know what they say.

I guess I am not a conventional Christian, maybe many Christians would say I am not one. I do read the Bible and my insights into life come from seeing the word of the Bible happening in the world. There are however many things that I don't personally claim about the Bible because my interpretation of it seems to be completely different to what I hear around in most of the Christian communities I've been to.

This blog shares my experience, my own spiritual journey through Christianity. I don't claim to be anywhere near to anything. But I do know that my life is changing. I feel it inside and see it outside. Most of my writings use most of the personal pronouns. This is because I write the conversation that goes within me. It often feels like it is a two way conversation that comes up in just one stream with a third who observes. Also keep in mind at all times that I am only sharing my experience, not trying to guide yours, although it may sound like that very often and it is possible that the possessive me is actually trying to indoctrinate you or something, but that is not my true and honest intention. I am sharing my journey because maybe others may feel identified with it to an extent, because I might be taking a message for some without even knowing but mostly, because writing has always played a huge role in my life and with this topic in particular, as soon as I share something, a new insight comes that may override the previous writing.

I am doing all I can to go deeper within myself to let God come forward and express himself through me, I wholeheartedly want to let God do whatever is needed through me every time, but I have 30 years of habits to surrender so please know that I am far from perfect and that my interpretations may be far from real. I try to bring forward to this blog what I think I am hearing from my heart...but those 30 years will give me a hard time intervening every time.

You'll notice that I make very general references to the Bible and often there will be no reference at all. This is because I've often heard interpretations of the Bible that would make sense to the the rational me, but my heart can't comprehend them. For instance, Jesus said something like "no body will get to the Father but through me". Very very very often, Christians interpret this as you have to believe that Jesus will take you to the Father and only he can. If you don't believe this you go to hell, by missing out on the trip to the Father. It feels as if Jesus will take you by His hand to the Father only if you believe that He will. This implies, as Brother David would say, that people believe something. To me it is very clear that believing something often doesn't take you anywhere and the evidence is in so many Christians who behave like the anti Christ in so many levels.

When you believe something, and even in something, you are vulnerable to change that believe and you should. Believe does not guarantee appropriate behavior.  Knowing that God is, is an experience, the feeling of the experience of God can't not be replaced by anything...never, and although it does not guarantee "appropriate" behaviour either, it leads to it. The guarantee of appropriate behaviour can only be given by you by choosing to let God express himself through you 100%. That requires a process that is long and difficult but worth it and irresistible once you start. I am not saying I am perfect, but because I know I am not, I can't go tell people that they'll go to hell if they don't do what I believe they should do. There is no trip to the Father. There is a movement to the deepest of your heart where you'll ask God to come up and take your life.

To me, the reason why one won't get to the Father but through Jesus is because only by becoming Jesus you can meet the Father because Jesus and the Father are one. Jesus did this as a human and came to the earth to teach us how to do it to, of course is not an easy task as His apostles would attest. That is the role of the disciples and the New Testament. That is the sin he washed from us: Before Him, we didn't know we could meet the Father so we would have never done it. Because He came, now we know we can. No we have no excuse. And the thing is, anybody can become Jesus, he did it for every single one of us. So you don't need to believe something about Him to meet the Father, only God within you knows what your path is to get there and only you can choose to follow that path or not. That path can be nature, science, Buddhism and why not, homicide and other atrocities (I'm exploring this). I haven't found my own path yet and have made too many mistakes, who am I to judge you and say that your path is not the right one?? Only God will tell you when you let Him.

So I won't make a big effort to stick to references in the Bible because God doesn't want us to know the Bible just from memory but mostly from experience. I memorized many things at school and I forgot most of them. Many Christians would read or listen to other people talk about God, and with everything others say they're always asking where that is written in the Bible, even if it makes complete sense. I remember once at Church, the sermon was quite moving, I loved it. The main message was "don't judge people". After the service I heard some people who, in their genuine effort to understand the message, found surprising that there was an invitation to not judge non-believers and so they needed to ask the pastor where to find that in the Bible...left me speechless. The experience of God leads to the understanding of this.

What is God and what is the Father and all these concepts...that is what I am exploring deeply and my answer so far has been: Nothing you can define. It is everything and it is nothing at the same time and yet that doesn't define it completely. God is to be experienced, is action, is verb and also deep rest. I can't tell you what God is, but I can tell you what it isn't. It is not a noun, is not a He, nor a She, is not a person living in some physical place in the sky and it is not made to our image and likeness, we are made to his. The difference is not even mesurable.

Therefore I do welcome comments from all sorts of individuals. I ask for respect but when no possible I'll do my best to let God reply for me. Of course, I can't guarantee that it will happen, I do like interrupting His conversations. 
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